We offer a complete solution, this means we translate not only text but everything that is connected to it as well.


A picture is worth a thousand words - and illustrations make the difference between a boring wall of text and an inviting and accessible document. But the image often contains text which must be translated as well. We can isolate the text in pictures, translate the text and create a separate set of pictures for each target language.

Diagrams and Infographics

Data and calculations are much more easily understood with the help of diagrams. Especially diagrams almost always contain explanatory text.

Infographics ...


We are able to provide software localization, regardless of the programming languages and data formats used. We can also provide a translation of the source code, in other words we can also translate programs that have not been internationalized, that means programs that have not been prepared to be translated into another language.


Many companies need access maps or other kinds of maps. We can translate those and customize them in the target language. Do you have a complicated access route that needs explanations? We also translate instructions like "turn right at the gas station" - directly on the map, if needed/desired.

No restrictions - Anything is possible

Many manuals use numbers instead of text in illustrations, to make translation easier. But why should you accept a reduction in quality? We think that the translation should meet the desires of the customer and not that the document has to be adapted because of limitations caused by the translation bureau. We think that translation should not cause any kind of disadvantage or reduction in quality. We will not only translate anything for you, we will translate it the way you want it.

Below you see an example of an image, which is typical for a manual - in this example for a car. The first version uses numbers (necessary if the translation bureau cannot handle pictures), below it the version with the translated texts directly in the picture. On which version do you find the brake fluid reservoir faster?

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